Most input forms on the Internet, including login forms, are sent unencrypted from your computer to the website. This raises the possibility of the unencrypted traffic being read by a malicious user, gathering otherwise private passwords and information (although the possibility of such is very unlikely for most people). Nevertheless, to at least assure some security for our members, we have implemented basic security tools. The security level you are logging in with will be displayed at the bottom right of the login form.

Select the level you see below for more information.

Note: If you are using a computer that is not yours, your security cannot be guaranteed in any situation. This is because an evil user could record what keys you press.

Unsecured Form

An unsecured form has no security measures in place. Like most login forms on the Internet, your password will be sent plain-text over the Internet or any network you use. If you are using a public terminal or public wireless network, be wary of logging in. If you are using a public wireless network without encryption, please note that malicious users could be "sniffing the air" for private information.

Normally, you should not be in this low security mode unless you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, or your browser does not even support JavaScript.

Basic Security

Before your password is sent, it will be hashed with a challenge key so that your password will not be sent plain over the Internet or wireless networks you use. The hash will exist only one time, and that itself cannot be used to login.

The only possible concern is that the wireless network or public terminal you are using is "modifying" the code of the page to send you an unauthorized page that does not encrypt the password. This is because the identity of this site cannot be verified, like a bank website with SSL would be. Generally, this situation is very highly unlikely, but still be wary if you are accessing the Internet using a network or computer you do not trust at all.

Full Security

Full security is not available because that requires a secure sockets layer certificate, which costs money to acquire.